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We would like to point out

... what we are: simple escapers a little (a lot) addicted, but nothing more.
We are not journalists and we don't claim to be influencers.
Our passion was born a few years ago and it hasn't let us go. By dint of escaping regularly, our entourage asked us more and more often our opinion on the venues we have visited, and so the idea of this blog was born.
You should know that our site is a collection of opinions, and therefore the articles are subjective and take into account all the participants with whom we played a room. This blog reflects our experience at a given moment, with a precise Game Master and also all the dysfunctions that may or may not have occurred.
We are aware of the effort made by the companies to create good rooms and we don't want to offend anyone, we would be sorry if this happened.
We just hope that you will find here some help in choosing your next room and making your own opinion.
See you soon, perhaps at the bend of a padlock.

Le vol de la sauce secrete
Le vol de la sauce secrete
Gusto, grand chef étoilé, est le seul à détenir la recette de sa...
Lock busters
Immersion: Decor : 6/10 Atmosphere : 7/10 Story / Pitch : 6/10 Enigmas: Coherence : 7/10 Progression : 8/10 Quantity / Times / Players : 7/10 Originality : 8/10 Other criteria: Entertainment : 7/10 MJ / Helps / Debrief : 5/10 Search : 8/10
France 3 to 6
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Chef étoilé - Panique au Châtaignier
Chef étoilé - Panique au Châtaignier
Nantes, avril 1976, Le Châtaignier, un prestigieux restaurant trois étoiles de la...
Prizoners Nantes
Immersion: Decor : 6/10 Atmosphere : 5/10 Story / Pitch : 5/10 Enigmas: Coherence : 8/10 Progression : 7/10 Quantity / Times / Players : 6/10 Originality : 7/10 Other criteria: Entertainment : 7/10 MJ / Helps / Debrief : 6/10 Search : 7/10
France 2 to 6
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