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Mission : Escape from the Science Lab of shifting rules

Escape from the Science Lab of shifting rules
The story

Today is the day the craziest invention gets revealed to the world.
The ‘machine which changes our world’s scientific laws’.

As a fellow distinguished inventor of gadgets, you were invited to the online press conference for the announcement of this latest invention. However, what appeared on the other side of the screen was pure chaos!

Fish were floating in the air, rain was flowing in reverse from floor to ceiling, a chair was merged with the wall.... And in the middle of it all was a single humanoid AI robot, flustered, and pleading for your help.

“The invention has gone out of control, altering our world’s rules of psychics! In just 60 minutes, these effects will spread worldwide and cause mass disruption! Please help me stop the machine and return things to normal!”

Can you work with the AI robot to alter the rules, stop the machine, and save the world?

  • Our experience

  • We Lost

    We Played on: 03-04-2021
    We did it in 60 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Jackie, Simon, Sabrina, James

    Global note: 9/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    Real Escape Game has always surprised me.

    This Japanese company is one of the precursors of the escape and honestly they do some pretty crazy stuff.

    From what I've played in Asia so far, players are more interested in puzzles than in decoration, narration and immersion in general.  The result is that it lends itself rather well to video.

    For "Escape from the Science Lab of shifting rules" we find a Game Mistress who has already accompanied us in other adventures of the same brand. A young woman with an excellent and very pleasant level of English.

    She plays a robot who finds herself trapped in a laboratory with a reality-changing device that is malfunctioning and will affect the entire world within the hour. She asks us to help her prevent this.

    So how is the game different? It is based on the principle of "baba is you". The idea is to change words to change things. Like for example: baba (character of the game) is car and there the character turns into a car. This is the principle. You have something and can change its nature. And honestly it's a lot of fun and forces us to think differently.

    You have to be in a hurry because there are a lot of things to do. I think it's a system of thinking and playing that Japanese are more used to because they finish in about 30-40 minutes. Indeed here no narration, no elaborate decoration etc... In any case we had a great time.
    This adventure is incredible, it breaks all the codes and forces you to think DIFFERENTLY. This brand which is reputed to have created the first escape in the world keeps reinventing itself and it's just great. We played 4 escapes in video at this venue and each one surprised us, but none like this one.

    A real favorite!

    + We enjoyed +

    • A totally original game
    • A very interesting game play
    • Interesting and coherent puzzles

    - We didn't like -

    • Absence of our usual "codes": narration, search...

    For who?

    • Pour tous les joueurs qui apprécient la surprise
    • Pour ceux qui ont l'esprit ouvert et aiment l'innovation
    • Pour tout le monde qui aime réflechir

    Why play it?

    • Parce que cette aventure est incroyable
    • Originale
    • Interessante
    • et amusante


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