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Mission : Sensperience

The story

Enter a world that has fallen prey to a tremendous cataclysm wherein humanity has begun to lose its core values. Experience the intensity of surviving through what remains as you strive to find a cure for the terrible virus that now threatens the global population. There are no right or wrong decisions along your path – only the question: can you save the world?

1 to 5 Players
Level : Normal
  • Our experience

  • We Won

    We Played on: 20-03-2021
    We did it in 120 minutes out of 90
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Jackie, Tanja

    Global note: 9/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    We already liked the first 2 rooms we discovered these last days at Enigmarium and we were really curious to know what Senseperience was going to give.

    I avoid reading the stories of the rooms before playing them but a theme with the word "senses" with an escape already appeals to me, but for an escape in visio.... let's just say that I was VERY intrigued.

    Well, I won't beat around the bush. This adventure, about which I will tell you as little as possible, is extraordinary because it is totally different.

    We played a video escape, but right from the start we were asked to be blindfolded. We didn't look stupid sitting in front of our screens, blindfolded, listening to the story that our Game Mistress was telling us.

    We were immersed for more than 90 minutes in a different world, but not too much, interacting with our virtual environment, reacting to what was happening around us, helping each other, overcoming our hesitation and accepting to be carried along by this very different adventure.

    Our GM was great, the soundtrack was very well done and we were a close-knit team of people who have been playing together for over a year, so all the prerequisites for a good time were there.

    So, I admit I don't know if this is an escape or not. There were some small puzzles, interaction, even a little cooperation and above all emotion and immersion. I felt like I was playing a role-playing game (and I like that) and I came out of that hour and a half with a banana. We loved this totally different experience that allowed us to reconnect with our other senses than sight.

    You should know that if you go to play this scenario in the sign. You sit in a chair and are blindfolded in the same way. I love the originality

    + We enjoyed +

    • All
    • The total originality
    • The soundtrack
    • A scenario that I could appreciate despite... you'll see

    - We didn't like -

    • I would have liked a few more puzzles
    • Not really knowing if it's an escape

    For who?

    • Pour ceux qui ont de l'imagination 
    • Pour ceux qui aiment l'originalité
    • Pour ceux qui aiment se laisser porter et perdre le controle

    Why play it?

    • Parce que c'est une super experience sensorielle
    • Pour voyager


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