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Mission : The Collector

The Collector
The story

Lindomar dos Anjos is a well-known serial killer who terrifies the region of Curitiba. His hiding place has not yet been discovered by the authorities and he remains free to practice his bizarre crimes in rituals involving dolls and human beings.

Someone was just captured and was left alone in Lindomar's hideout. The victim managed to connect to you. Now, you have exactly 60 minutes to help him escape before Lindomar returns and finish what he started ...

1 to 8 Players
Level : Normal
  • Our experience

  • We Won

    We Played on: 15-08-2020
    We did it in 54 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Jennifer, Jackie, Tanja

    Global note: 7/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    There are as many solutions as there are people.

    This Brazilian brand offers us 2 of their rooms in Visio. We played tonight: The collector, a room with a creepy touch because we'll have to help our MJ escape from the house of a killer who loves dolls and black magic (anything to make you uncomfortable).

    We will be contacted by the victim on Zoom (luckily we were logged in at the same time) and he will send us the pictures on Whats app. As we have even gotten into the habit of sending things to each other on Whats app I must admit that it's quite nice.

    So we're going to connect and meet Leo without too much detour. It's nice and it always reminds me of an interactive theater-like interaction.
    As always, we'll start by discovering the places (with all their more or less strange elements).

    The puzzles are rather linear, which is good for an online room. They're rather logical but don't make sense in the place we're in, and I didn't really feel like there was a story. Mixing black magic elements with dolls to evoke a serial killer is pretty strange even if at the end there's a nice little element of surprise, but at the same time, we were so focused on our notes and the images in whats app that we all more or less missed it: my advice then: don't neglect the zoom.

    We ended up saving Leo in 54 minutes that we spent in a room with logical puzzles and a good sequence, but for which the atmosphere and the story could have been worked on a bit more in my opinion to be even better.

    + We enjoyed +

    • A very nice Game master
    • A great dive right into the action
    • Lots of logical puzzles

    - We didn't like -

    • a story not much worked out (we still don't know why we'd be at a killer's house)
    • Puzzles that don't fit in with the room.
    • little ambiance in the end

    For who?

    • Pour les héros
    • courageux
    • et fans de poupées dans tous leurs états

    Why play it?

    • car c'est une salle bien pensée,
    • avec un nombre suffisant d'énigmes
    • pour sauver quelqu'un...ça ne vous suffit pas comme raison ?


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