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Mission : House of Pawns

House of Pawns
The story

Frederick O'Connor has been absolved of any wrong doing in the death of his friend Kumar. In memory of his friend Kumar foundation is established to promote research in Alternate Energy. Frederick O'Connor is now contesting against an unconvential candidate MaCDonald Stumpf who is promising to "Make America Grate Again" in the presidential elections. Elections are just over and there have been allegations of voter fraud and illegal donations to Kumar Foundation traced to a foreign agent. You are to break into Frederick O'Connor's office to identify the corrupt campaign manager, states involved in voter fraud and determine who the next US president is. Lets all, "Make America Choose Again!"

Episode 3 Briefing

The Asteroid Bill has passed the senate and the Concorde project is on schedule. Esteemed scientist Kumar has been found dead and rumors of foul play are rife. As the plot (and the smog) thickens, there are many players involved who have a motive to kill Kumar including Frederick O'Connor as his wife is having an affair with his buddy Kumar. On the other hand Mrs. O'Connor has a lot at stake in terms of her political ambitions if the affair becomes public. You will be playing the role of an Oil Lobbyist working for Axeon Corp and break into Mr. O'Connor's office in order to obtain evidence surrounding Kumar's demise and use it as a leverage to thwart the Concorde project. You must find the evidence and the key to escape the office. We don't recommend this room for 2 people or less.

2 to 10 Players
Level : Très Facile
  • Our experience

  • We Won

    We Played on: 01-08-2020
    We did it in 55 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Tanja, Ryan, Philipp, Annika

    Global note: 6.5/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    This is our second room at the friendly Milan Escape Artist in Washington.

    We have an appointment on Google Hangout for the video, you may have understood it, we are not a fan for several reasons, but it is a choice we respect.

    We're being sent a link to a video with the brief, our mission:

        to identify the corrupt campaign manager
        identify the 2 states in which fraud has occurred
        find out which candidate was elected
        and finally get out of here

    As in their other room there are many things here that Milan will show us. It's one of the few halls that makes me seasick. I don't know if it's that our Game Master is moving too fast and that this combined with a fuzzy quality is rather unfortunate or something else, but I have to admit that I didn't enjoy the game as I should have.

    We will discover here several really original puzzles, sometimes narrative and interesting. It's also nice to see that they are not linear, especially since there is a rather time-consuming manipulation/enigma that can only be done by the Mj and that might get us lost.

    Luckily we had to deal with the inventory page of the room. This is a single page with several documents on it which made the puzzle solving easier.

    It's a dense room, we spent 55 minutes there solving puzzle after puzzle without too many blocks.

    All in all it's a good room with interesting puzzles, but suffers from poor image quality.

    A last word to thank Milan who was funny and very considerate throughout the game. This room has something "home-made" by him and therefore we didn't expect at all the 2 or 3 wow moments.

    + We enjoyed +

    • very fun and original puzzles

    • interesting story and game

    • very sweet and fun and nice owner

    • non-linear puzzles

    - We didn't like -

    • a very bad picture quality for me which made me not enjoy the experience

    • some things that should be made shorter for an online game


    For who?

    • Pour les fans de politique
    • Pour les enquêteurs
    • Pour les fans d'énigmes originales

    Why play it?

    • Pour les énigmes 
    • et l'histoire


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