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Mission : The cursed Ship

The cursed Ship
The story


Stranded on a desert island, you find an old ship. On board, you discover an abandoned crewmate who gives you harrowing news: You have 1 hour to break an ancient curse, or the island is coming for you. What exactly is happening? Can you escape?

2 to 8 Players
Level : Normal
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    We Played on: 01-08-2020
    We did it in 46 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Melani, Tanja, Jennifer

    Global note: 6.5/10

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    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    Here we are back for a second adventure at Lockout Austin with the same MJ as for Blue meth Laboratory.
    This time we won't need to create meth to save our avatar's skin, but to lift a terrible curse on a boat.
    This time too we find our Game Master / Avatar on zoom and we will help ourselves with an inventory on their page on which we enter a code as the room progresses to better discover the found objects.
    The room isn't the best decorated pirate ship I've ever seen and I'm not really sure what period we're in because there are some pretty modern things here.
    The GM is going to start by going around the room on our request, pointing out the different barriers (padlocks) and there are quite a few of them.
    We're going to start right away to tackle the riddles. Most of them try to be in the navy theme, even piracy, but the number of anachronisms is a little bit lost on me.
    The puzzles are pretty logical and well thought out. They are very linear and the GM knows how to show us things at the right time. However, I wasn't thrilled about it because I had the impression that I was being taken towards what they wanted to show me and that I wasn't really free to progress (linearity obliges). For example, when we ask our pirate to search a place, he will hasten to tell us that there is nothing there... yeah...
    I also regret that the story seems only incidental in the end.
    We enjoyed some riddles and especially a memorable lock that we have never seen before (out of 598 rooms played it is not obvious that).

    + We enjoyed +

    • A very original padlock
    • Fluid puzzles
    • A friendly Game Master
    • Some nice surprise effects

    - We didn't like -

    • A decoration that doesn't make us travel
    • A story that is not in-depth
    • Lots of safes with padlocks
    • The feeling of being very guided

    For who?

    • Pour les marins
    • Pour ceux qui préférent les énigmes à l'immersion

    Why play it?

    • Pour des éngimes intéressantes

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