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Mission : The bunker

The bunker
The story

The date is August 1, 2009, and you are the first to arrive at your new military post inside the Ochs-Bragg Missile Complex (OB-16.12). Shortly after your arrival, a sudden event inexplicably triggers a total lockdown of all doors and controls and immediately initiates what appears to be an automated missile launch countdown. Has the computer detected a real nuclear threat, or is the launch system malfunctioning?

2 to 8 Players
Level : Normal
  • Our experience

  • We Lost

    We Played on: 09-07-2020
    We did it in 60 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Jackie, Tanja, Ryan

    Global note: 4/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    You want to know how I feel right now?

    No, well, I'll tell you anyway...

    Frustrated, angry, sad, add disappointment to the mix, and there you go!

    We just played a great looking room. It really does. The sets are nice and immersive. There are lot of rooms and the materials used are neat and of good quality. Moreover there are a lot of mechanisms in addition to locks.

    The riddles:

    There are many things to do here. The puzzles combine observation, thinking, assembling, reading and lots of other things. They are interesting, a friend would say even brilliant. Moreover they are well integrated in the decor and in the universe in which we evolve.

    Another very nice thing: our avatar/game master Daniel was absolutely adorable. He did his best to help us, never lagged behind and did everything he could to help us without giving us the answer or frustrating us by helping us too much.

    So why am I so frustrated you are going to ask me? Well...  let's just say it's... technical.

    This time we're not playing on the zoom app like we're used to but on jitsi. So, I confess that I'm not smart enough to know if the problem is jitsi or the sign's network or the camera, but the image, which we saw during the 60 minutes that led us to lose the adventure, was horribly blurred and pixelated. When we were shown things in the bunker we could only guess shapes!

    So you're probably wondering how I knew that the scenery was nice and of good quality? The venue sent us in the zoom chat links to 360° views of the spaces with the possibility to zoom in on things, in addition to that we got links to images of the different objects and documents found. The images are of excellent quality, but, being sent to the jitsi chat, you have to choose whether you want to see through the avatars camera or the images in the inventory. This is what we could call a Cornelian choice.

    Well let's say that navigating between 2 pages is not a game changer, but we will receive a total of 43 links... yes, 43 links in 60 minutes ! It's pure madness, but a necessary madness because of the bad image quality.

    Well that's not all. Out of the 5 members of our team: one gave up after 3-4 minutes because he couldn't even hear a word out of 3 and the image was just too unpleasant to enjoy playing. One dropped the puzzles and just sent us the links on messenger so we could still access them on a second screen (which didn't work properly on my IPad) and another one, well I don't know, we didn't hear him too much. I was trying but i could not cope with everything, but it was really Jackie who did her best to hang on to it all the way.

    We lost, and were not even close enough to the end to really regret it.

    Our GM will explain the last puzzle and we're off to another game.

    In case you're wondering if it was our connection... we all cut our cameras to unload the bandwidth and we all had the same problem by being in 3 different countries.

    I should be furious that they're offering an online game with such a high quality image and 43 links, but I'm just sad and disappointed, plus I would have liked to play their other rooms, but given the conditions... it'll be no if they don't do anything to improve the game experience.

    + We enjoyed +

    • Ce que cette salle aurait pu être
    • Pour les décors que nous pensons beaux
    • Pour les énigmes que nous savons intéressantes
    • Pour la gentillesse du MJ

    - We didn't like -

    • Ce qu'elle est au final
    • Un inventaire mal pensé, sans mots de passe
    • nous obligeant à ouvrir plein d'onglets sur le même écran que l'image du avatar.
    • 43 liens... que dire de plus
    • l'image dégueulasse
    • Une salle beaucoup trop intense pour cette qualité d'image et 60 minutes

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