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Mission : Virtual X-caper

Virtual X-caper
The story

The Museum of Secrets has been robbed! 

The security guard at the Museum, Mr. E, has been murdered!
International jewel thief Robyn Yew has escaped with precious artefacts, including the priceless 'Pandora Diamond'!
An EMP device, designed by friend of the agency, Major X-Ploe Shun, has been planted at the scene, threatening to wipe out all of our communications!
Our illustrious leader, Agent November himself, was hot on the trail of Robyn Yew (after a tip-off from the ever-faithful Major X) hoping Robyn Yew would lead him straight to the whereabouts of the devious mastermind of the entire plot, our sworn enemy, Marty Orri!
Sadly, Marty Orri was one step ahead of us and Agent November has been captured!
We believe he is being held at the headquarters of Marty Orri, the exact room in which he planned all of these heinous crimes. Little does Marty Orri know, Agent November has been fitted with the very latest high-tech, proprietary auditory and optical implants, meaning we can see what he sees and hear what he hears. 
We need you to tap into that audio and visual feed and help Agent November escape from Marty Orri's lair before the satellite moves out of position and we lose our link up!
You've been assigned...

  • Our experience

  • We Won

    We Played on: 16-06-2020
    We did it in 57 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Lee, Ryan, Tanja

    Global note: 9/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    WARNING This is a public room, which means that there can be up to 6 players. If you book for 5, a stranger can join you. This is a very common practice in the United States, but I've never met it in virtual rooms before, i however have the impression that it does not happen to often even here.

    Since I started playing escapes online, with a GM that acts like your eyes and hands, I have been pleasantly surprised by the boundless imagination of game designers and managers. The surprises have been really good (well, we hated some rooms too, but overall we had a great time).

    When I created this room in my database I thought: what the hell is this? I even had trouble seeing the difference between the name of the room and the name of the venue. We had a bit of a doubt, until a friend of ours told us that she really liked this room, so we were reassured and very curious :)

    Before the beginning:
    I really appreciated that we got an email with a link to
    - a video explaining the story
    - and a dossier on people who might deserve our attention...
    - along with a floor plan of the building our agent is locked in.

    We're going to find out that Agent November has gotten himself into a lot of trouble and it's up to us to get him out of there because he's not going to be much help... he's probably been drugged!

    As real MI6 agents we're going to go through some very interesting things together. One of the strengths of this adventure are the riddles: original, fresh, playful, surprising and I would even say elegant!

    We have really smiled throughout the adventure saying: that's interesting / nice! As there is no inventory (and honestly no need) we were able to take full advantage of what was going on with our Agent November.

    I'll take this opportunity to tell you about him. Agent November is Nathan Glover. Nathan is a character with a unique sense of humor. All the craziness in this room, the idea of creating an escape in a very small space in a London apartment that's him. Nathan plays with us, plays us, reacts and acts according to us.

    As you will have understood there is not much attention given to the decoration, but honestly it doesn't matter, because in the end it is very coherent.
    To sum up: I loved the offbeat humor in this room, the finesse and intelligence of the riddles and Nathan who is a character he deserves to discover.

    + We enjoyed +

    • bonus points system
    • smart and fun puzzles
    • saying and doing things we never thought we'd do.
    • the humor of our agent November
    • the whole package
    • et lightness

    - We didn't like -

    • a quiet small place after all

    For who?

    • Pour ceux aui aiment les choses différentes
    • et ne se bornent pas à un seul format de salles
    • Pour voir qu'un escape peut être bon, même lorsqu'il ne se prend pas au sérieux

    Why play it?

    • parce que c'est une expérience trop sympa
    • et qu'en plus elle ne coute pas cher
    • et qu'on plonge 1 heure dans la culture anglaise


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