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Mission : Escape Werewolf Village

Escape Werewolf Village
The story

Are you ready to catch the werewolfs?

1 to 6 Players
Level : Normal
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    We Won

    We Played on: 23-05-2020
    We did it in 59 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Jackie, Versipellis, Arkandias, Heiner

    Global note: 8.5/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol



    For me being confined means traveling... no I haven't totally lost it, even though during my career as a serial escaper I've been in a straitjacket quite often.

    Travelling because some escapes propose to be able to play their room remotely, by camera and often with a Game Master in the room that serves as your eyes, ears and hands. This is called an avatar.

    This morning my team, composed of 2 French, a German, a Scottish and myself, connects 20 minutes before the start time of the game to a zoom given by Real Escape Game a Japanese brand quite known. In front of us a team from Singapore. It's great! I love this international feeling. I can't wait!


    A werewolf with very special rules:

    First of all, you should know that this "room" follows the rules of Asian rooms, which means it doesn't necessarily follow the codes we're used to here in Europe. Keep an open mind if you decide to play it and above all be very awake because this room will heat up your neurons.

    We will first receive a very complete email with general informations. We will be 2 teams at the same time. We will meet in the "lounge" of zoom, but will play between us. Then we'll have to connect to a messenger (facebook), here we'll be able to view a lot of documents (I'll choose to print some of them to read them more easily, but it's not mandatory).

    Arkandias will also make a lot of screenshots of the things we're shown and put them in a group we've created (you can do it on messenger or whats app or whatever) which will be really important for the future.

    The narration: 

    Just like in the classic werewolf game, we have to find the werewolves and eliminate them. When connecting we discover a small video presentation that is really fun and enjoyable that quickly explains the story. We have 6 days (of 10 minutes) interrupted by 5 nights (of about one minute) to find and eliminate the three werewolves.

    During the nights we find out who has been devoured. The day allows us to discover the place thanks to our Game Master Tsugumi and to solve the riddles which will make us defeat the werewolves... or not.

    The game: 

    Thanks to the documents discovered at the time of the connection on the messenger of the game, we will be able to locate ourselves rather easily. We will therefore spend more time not looking at the zoom than at it. After an initial discovery of the place and a meticulous collection of all the elements which are there,we are going to distribute the tasks and no, we will not be 2 per task, but 1 because there is really a lot to do.

    The riddles are very varied and each one will choose the one(s) that suits him best. The interruptions every 10 minutes allow us to set the rhythm of the room, give us a little reminder that there is a story and add even more information. You really shouldn't panic here, there's plenty of information right from the start. Don't try to deal with them right away, but spread out once you have everything. I think the most important thing here is to be well organized and take things one after the other.

    You will also be able to get clues for about 80% of the game, but not for the last part, it probably won't please everybody, but I have to admit that we didn't even have time to ask for clues because this room is so intense. 

    We made it to the end with a few seconds to go, a real success if we take into account that we're only the 7th team to make it back in time and since they're players from all countries playing it's not too bad. At the same time, some members of our team are really good at logical puzzles.

    Tsugumi, our Game Master speaks very good English, which allowed us to exchange a little bit with her at the end of the game. What I also find nice is that even after the room is over the puzzles are still available to try and solve the puzzles that our teammates solved during the game.

    In conclusion: 

    This room is not the kind of escape we're used to playing. Little history, little scenery, lots of puzzles, a fast pace and in the end an experience that is not at all what I usually look for, but that I (strangely) really loved it.



    + We enjoyed +

    • A wide range of puzzles
    • The equipment that works very well
    • The non-linearity of the puzzles
    • The pressure to finish and save the village
    • Being forced to think differently...
    • The video scenes
    • Playing in Japan :D

    - We didn't like -

    • Lack of story
    • Lack of decor
    • Lack of cooperation

    For who?

    • Pour les amoureux d'énigmes
    • Pour ceux qui n'ont pas peur de réfléchir seul

    Why play it?

    • Pour le challenge que ça reprèsente
    • Pour des énigmes très diverses

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